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More and more practitioners in aesthetic medicine are receiving patients unsatisfied with the results of their tear-trough injections. The incidence rate of problematic results is increasing with the number of procedures and the expansion of injection consumers ranging from millennials to septuagenarians. 

Among the main side effects listed by aesthetic doctors worldwide: 

 • Swelling due to an excessive amount of injected filler

 • Asymmetry

 • Injection of a product whose texture and density do not correspond to the treated area

 • Over-injection and an unnatural or non-harmonious result compared to the morphology of the face 

 • Any type of skin irregularities related to hyaluronic acid injections

In many cases, patients feel visibly changed and don't recognize their facial expressions. It can often make them feel anxious, guilty or ashamed, and in the most serious cases, can lead them to a depressive state. 

Topilase® is a cosmetic care that is not to be compared with injectable hyaluronidase. The effects of Topilase® are superficial to correct skin irregularities. Any strong secondary effect must be dealt with the appropriate emergency treatment.



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Before the creation of Topilase®, there was no solution to safely adjust skin irregularities linked to hyaluronic acid injections. Tear trough area can sometimes after an injection present unwanted swellings or coloring. Small adjustments were difficult to perform and the demand from practitioners was leading towards a tool to sculpt rather than to erase. Topilase® was created to introduce a safe, topical solution that can be massaged into the skin to reduce the appearance of irregularities or swellings. It is an innovative care that smoothes the skin with no reported side effects.

Its patent-pending formula is based on an enzymatic complex of lipase, protease, and hyaluronoglucosaminidase in addition to natural ingredients known for their soothing and repairing effects: aloe vera, lavender, helichrysum, myrrh, and cistus. The ideal formulation to effectively reduce unwanted skin irregularities. 


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Hyaluronic acid injections are used to fill in wrinkles and restore volume to the face but it should not be forgotten that these injections require great vigilance, a mastery of anatomy, and a real knowledge of injection techniques and tools. The tear trough is a sensitive area that is conducive to swellings. Topilase® is topical, easy to use, and effective care. It is an alternative for doctors who can now correct the irregularities associated with hyaluronic acid injections.

It is recommended to use this topical care to adjust swellings linked to hyaluronic acid injections in the tear-trough area.


the appearance of swelling to restore the eye contour natural look


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the surface of the skin.


surface irregularities and
improves the appearance of the skin previously injected with hyaluronic

SoftFil® Topilase® is a true partner that has become essential in the practice of aesthetic medicine. The amount of product to be applied and the number of sessions required to correct a swelling observed following a hyaluronic acid injection depends on four factors:

Amount of filler injected
 Texture of the filler
 Date of injection
 Depth of injection

Topilase® is a product intended for use by physicians and its application requires a medical diagnosis. Post-injection swelling may be observed and each case requires a specific analysis. 1 to 4 sessions may be necessary for optimum results.


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Topilase® is presented in a double compartment vial containing:

1. A liquid solution
concentrated in 100% natural ingredients selected for their repairing, soothing, purifying and anti-swelling capacities.

2. An enzymatic complex
concentrated in dispersing agents to improve the permeability of the skin.

When the push&mix action is executed, the two components are blended to get a homogeneous solution of:

Enzymatic complex (lipase, protease, hyaluronoglucosaminidase)

Helichrysum essential oil
Toning and soothing

Lavender and Cyst essential oil
Astringent and purifying

Myrrh essential oil
Soothing and repairing

Aloe Vera
Repairing and moisturizing



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  • Squeeze the upper compartment to release the enzymes into the solution
  • Shake the bottle vigorously
  • Once emptied, discard the upper compartment and screw the dosing tip to the lower compartment
  • Shake the bottle again
  • Apply a few drops of Topilase® to the area to be handled and spread the product with gloved hands
  • Massage the area well for 3 to 4 minutes
  • Remove excess product
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On average, 3 sessions of Topilase® are necessary to remove all skin irregularities or swellings. Each Topilase® session should be spaced one week apart.

Once opened, the vial can be kept in the refrigerator for 14 days maximum. The number of sessions needed for Topilase® depends on different factors such as:
• the desired result
• the type of hyaluronic acid to adjust
• the date on which the area was injected
• the plane in which the area was injected


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The recommended area to safely reduce irregularities due to hyaluronic acid injections is the under-eye circles.

Courtesy of Dr Sandrine Sebban, France

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Reduction of swelling under the eye due to hyaluronic acid injection

Courtesy of Dr Christian Fayard, France

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Disappearance of the swelling caused by the injection of hyaluronic acid

Courtesy of Dr Jesus Chicon, Spain

Before After Topilase (2)-1

Decrease in swelling due to hyaluronic acid injection

Courtesy of Dr Sandrine Sebban, France

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Reduction of swelling under the eye due to hyaluronic acid injection


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Experts Academy (29)

Dr Sandrine Sebban

Experts Academy (23)

Topilase® allows me to sculpt the faces of my patients and for the first time ever, offers doctors the power to adjust their results thanks to a risk-free cosmetic care.

Experts Academy (22)

Dr Christian Fayard

Experts Academy (23)

Topilase®'s results are almost immediate. However, note that the product remains active for a week.

Experts Academy (25)

Dr Luciano Lanfranchi Italy 

Experts Academy (23)

Topilase® is a new essential product for any doctor, it is something we need to have and to offer to our patients.

Experts Academy (26)

Dr Martine Baspeyras 

Experts Academy (23)

For the first time, a cosmetic cream is able to adjust skin irregularities. I am delighted to have an active cosmetic at my disposal.

Experts Academy (28)

Dr Zunaid Alli

Experts Academy (23)

I find that it would be a really good addition to any aesthetics clinic.

Experts Academy (27)

Dr Zaid Samkari

Experts Academy (23)

If we want to do a minimal correction, it is easily done by applying Topilase®. It is a really efficient product to have smooth results for the patients.


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The SoftFil® Academy pair itself with the best experts from the aesthetic medicine field to provide monthly quality-wise Live Masterclasses.
Our experts share their knowledge on micro-cannula injection techniques and tools to safely practice aesthetic medicine.

Dr Sandrine Sebban, Dr Emmanuel Molinari, Dr Jesus Chicon and Dr Marcin Ambroziak animated a webinar where they gave their best tips and answered all of your questions on Topilase®. Watch the replay now to learn from the best experts!

Click here to register to the SoftFil® Academy, to never stop learning.


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